Why am I Observant?

I don’t feel like I have to, I’m not afraid of what will happen to me if I don’t, it’s not because my soul was commanded at Har Sinai (maybe it’s just me but I have no personal memory of the event, just a communal one) and it’s not because it makes more sense than other faiths (which it may or may not).
It’s because I choose to be part of the historical phenomena called – The Jewish People. Call me naive, but I have come to Trust The System (or, TTS as I’ve come to call it). The miraculous system that has sustained thousands of years, with all its ups and downs, molding and creating a better society and a better world; a world with moral absolutes, a world that abhors violence and cherishes kindness, a world of rules and laws that strive for morality and aspire to the divine. That is the kind of system I choose to be part of to the extent of my ability. Sometimes I do a better job at participating and contributing to this endless process and sometimes not as much but, why am I observant – because I choose to be part of the most significant system I know of.(207)

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