Torah Awaits a Revival

Torah should be what propel the State of Israel forward in social and cultural matters (in the wide sense of those terms) and not just cause us to man the barricades of the Shulchan Aruch to preserve the status quo. Is there anyone who has a clue how to run a modern economy according to the Torah? is there anyone who even has a suggestion for it? is there anyone capable of imagining what “Jewish” foreign relations look like in a global village? So, are we doomed to wait for a prophet and until then we should just hold down the fort dreaming of the return of the good old days? Although we’re doing the best we can in translating the language we know into a new reality, we need someone from the outside to expand the language we’re using, or better yet, just start speaking it and we will have to follow suit. For instance – if the Knesset were to legislate that all immigrants who live in the country for 10 years, serve in the army and identify with core values of Judaism are considered Jewish for the purposes of marriage, burial, etc… Halacha would eventually find a way to except it – without breaching Halacha, as it would already be a reality.
To what is this analogous?
When Eliezer Ben Yehudah revived the Hebrew language he used as much of what he could from Jewish sources but, obviously, it wasn’t nearly sufficient. The Hebrew of the sources just wasn’t rich enough to relate to the realities of modern times. Out of his familiarity with the new realities he tried to fit them into constructs that may have already existed but the result included many completely brand new words.
The Torah awaits its revival, too.

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