I See Angels – Israel Memorial Day

I felt I had to translate and share this poem written by El’ad Chami’el:

The angels of today don’t have a halo over their heads
They have a helmet
They aren’t white as snow
They are khaki
You won’t see wings on their backs
You will see battle vests
They are not holding harps
And if they are “playing a tune”, it is using very different instruments
Once, the angels had only one mission
The angels of today finish one mission just to hop to the next one
Those angels were divided into units
Our angels, too, are divided into units, squadrons and battalions.
Once, children were named after angels: Gabriel, Repha’el
Today, angels are named after children: Yoni, Gadi…
Once, angels would descend from heaven to earth
Our angels, grow up on earth and ascend in a storm to the heavens

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