Van Gogh and Twizzlers; My Visit to The Museum of Modern Art

I just visited the Museum of Modern Art in NY (MoMA) with my grade 12 students and this is what I discovered:

1. I still can’t get enough of Monet.

2. I like post-impressionism and have discovered a new favorite painter Georges Seurat; especially “Evening, Honfleur”(below left).
About what makes him so unique, see here.  
In the same category, I finally understood what the big deal was about Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” (below right). Until you’re actually looking at the original you can’t really get it.

3. I finally found one Picasso piece I actually enjoyed: “Girl Before a Mirror“. I was looking at a girl looking at herself in the mirror and seeing the difference between the way she viewed herself and the way she actually looked (well, kind of. It’s still a Picasso…). I found it to be a brilliant concept and thought provoking on multiple levels.

4. I dislike “Expressionism” and “Surrealism” and found “Abstract Expressionism” ridiculous to the point where art started to turn into nonsense.
5. I couldn’t find anything interesting or pleasant past 1940. 
As I walked through the lobby to leave, I was feeling quite good with myself; cultured, sophisticated and even a bit pretentious.
Upon slipping my hand into my right pocket, I remembered the half eaten package of Twizzlers I stuffed there before entering the museum in case I got peckish. Looking both ways and seeing no one watching me, I quickly stuffed my mouth full of the long, strawberry candy and as I stepped into the street thought to myself “Ahhhh, the finer things in life…” 

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