Below you can find various audio and video recordings of classes given over the past few years. The classes cover many different topics and were geared at a large range of audiences.

Topics include: Holidays, Zionism, Politics, Philosophy of Halacha, The Philosophy of Rav Kook, Fundamentals of Rashi, Beginners Gemara, Tanach and Education

The page is updated on a weekly basis.



Chanukah- the correct Historical context of Chanukah


Purim – Part 1


Purim – Part 2


Purim – Part 3


Tihsa B’Av

The Hypocrisy of Tisha B’av outside of Israel (video link)

Is Tish B’Av still relevant? (video link)

Beginners Gemara Classes

Class 1

Class 2

Class 3

Class 4

Fundamentals of Rashi

Rashi Class 1

Rashi Class 2

Rashi Class 3

Philosophy of Halacha

Netilat Yadaim


(Why) do we need to listen to The Rabbis?

The prohibition of לא תונו – not causing a Grievance


 Politics and Zionism

Is the Third Redemption Here?


Why the Ancient Kingdom Split (and – religion and politics in Israel today)


What Chanukah can teach us about Modern State Israel?


Redemption of Plight vs. Redemption of Destiny


The connection to Israel


Mythology in Tanach?

Moshe and Eliyahu

Sins of the Patriarchs (or, 2 approaches to religious growth)

Can one change their personality


Two approaches to leadership and education

Version 1

Version 2

The value of questions

The Creation Story as a guide to parenting P1 (video link)

The Creation Story as a guide to parenting P2 (video link)

The Creation Story as a guide to parenting P3 (video link)

The Philosophy of Rav Kook

Part 1: Torah and Science (video link)

Part 2: Torah and Morality (video link)

Part 3: Freedom (video link)

Part 4: Kfira/Heresy (video link)

Part 5: The National Spirit (video link)

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