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The Philosophy of Rav Kook – new lecture series

I’ve started a 5 part lecture series on the philosophy of Rav Kook. It will be taking place every Wednesday evening, starting October 9th, at the BAYT in Thornhill, Canada.
The first lecture dealt with Rav Kook’s unique approach to the question of Torah and Science.
Part 1: “The Philosophy of Rav Kook; Torah and Science” can be viewed here on KosherTube .
Part 2: “The Philosophy of Rav Kook; Torah and Morality – a revolutionary reading of the Akeida” can be viewed here:
Part 3: The Philosophy of Rav Kook; “Freedom”, can be viewed here

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Mourning the exile while choosing to remain in it

At the opening of Tish’a B’Av I spoke at the AISH Toronto Community. The title was:

“Mourning the Exile While Choosing to Remain in it”. Here is the link to the video:
Not for the weak-hearted exile dweller…

May we Merit to understand that Galut has been over for some time now and it is time to hop on the Ge’ulah train as it prepares for the final stretch!

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Audio Shiurim

Classes I’ve taught at Yeshivat Torat Yosef – Hamivtar can be downloaded here http://ytyh.org/lessons/7

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